We all work with passion to provide more women and men in Gambia with a stable income. We try to achieve this by combining our insights and product knowledge with the skills of the local population.The aim is to let our Gambian people discover sustainable ways to use the ‘offerings’ of nature. The foundation becomes more known at national and international level, this enables us to have a wider reach. We seek to be realistic, we closely work for the Gambians, with the Gambians.

Without  support our foundation cannot exist. We are well aware that the achieved and achievable goals of Care for Natural are the result of teamwork. We, as a team, work closely together, intense, fast and with determination. We can only do so with financial support of sponsors who like the way we work and what we achieve. The foundation has achieved an ANBI status ( government’s recognition of being a transparent and responsible organisation that accounts for financial matters)

A concrete and up-to-date overview of the results achieved so far can always be found on the page with completed projects . In addition, we have numerous ideas for new projects which may arise from an emergency at times but are usually well structured fitting our goals.

Annual report 2018

Foundation Care for Natural publishes an annual report around March each year. This report contains at least the Annual Accounts, a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss summary, supplemented with the explanatory notes. The Financial Statements relate to the activities in the previous period from 1 January to 31 December

Introduction annual reports

In the 2015 annual report, we indicated that we made an important choice within the Care for Natural Foundation to remain relatively small. A large, growing organization requires on both sides, in the Netherlands and in Gambia, extra intellectual and steering capacity to facilitate this growth which then proved difficult to realize. The 2016 annual report will also show that, where 2015 was financially a difficult year, 2017 was one of our strongest years, with revenue growth of 38%, 2019 seems to become an even better year. We are therefore proud of the increasing appreciation seen through financial support. Together with our sponsors, we have again been able to offer a number of important improvements for our Gambian brothers and sisters.

We hope that you will stay with us and help is to enable more goals. Gambia has lived under dictatorship for 22 years and a lot of challenges have come forth from that. The exodus to Europe being one of them. The new government is working hard towards development but the backlash is enormous and can not be conquered by them alone. We must stand with the government as individuals and organisations, to achieve, hand in hand, the never ending goal of development and progress.  

Annual reports

Annual reports Below the links to the available annual reports:

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