With retroactive effect, starting on 1 January 2014, the tax authorities awarded the ANBI status our Foundation Care for Natural. ANBI stands for being a charitable, accountable organization. Receiving this certification ANBI declaration from the tax authorities. It offers tax benefits for both the foundation and the affiliated donors. Making a donation becomes more partly tax deductible for donors. In return we offer a yearly detailed accounting report to the tax department.

What are the advantages?

The obtained ANBI status benefits both the sponsor and the foundation.


  • Sponsors are certain that our foundation meets the requirements for Dutch charities.
  • Companies may, where applicable, deduct their donations from corporate tax.
  • Private donors may, under certain conditions, deduct their donations

Foundation Care for Natural:

  • The foundation does not have to pay an inheritance tax or donation tax for legacies and donations that the foundation uses for the general interest.
  • If the foundation itself makes donations in the general interest, then the recipient of the donation does not have to pay tax over the sponsored amount.
  • Volunteers who work for the foundation do so under certain conditions a gift to an ANBI. This allows volunteers to deduct their time as a gift from the tax

What are the conditions?

Both our foundation and the donors have to deal with a number of conditions.

For sponsors:

For Companies, the deduction is a maximum of 50 percent of the profit with a maximum of € 100,000.

For private donors, a distinction is made between regular donations and other donations.

  • Periodic donations >> The scheme for regular donations only concerns donations on the basis of an annuity donation, consisting of an obligation of donation to make fixed and even regular, at least annual, irrevocable payments or provisions for five or more years. The amount of the tax benefit of your donation can be calculated by clicking on the image below
  • Other donations >> For the total amount of these donations, there is a threshold for deduction of 1% of the threshold income, but a minimum of € 60; the deductible amount is a maximum of 10% of the threshold income.

For Foundation Care for Natural:

In order to be an ANBI, the Care for natural Foundation must comply with a number of conditions. For example, we must commit at least 90% to the public benefit. In addition, we are not allowed to make a profit from the whole of our generally useful activities. An ANBI may profit from a commercial activity, in addition to the generally useful activities, but profit from the commercial activities must then again benefit the public benefit. Our foundation and the people directly involved must meet a number of integrity requirements

More information

If you want more detailed information about ANBI award and regulations, go to the website of the tax authorities or to the ANBI portal. You can check our ANBI status via the tax authority website or ANBI portal and by filling in the ‘Care for Natural Foundation’.

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