Aloe Vera plantation


For years we have carefully grown our own Aloe Vera plants on our Eco-plantation.
The plants are grown in their natural habitat. Presently ( 2018) the plantation is equipped with dripline irrigation.

Aloe Vera gel has been known and used well over 5000 years.
The value is widely known, used and exploited for commercial purposes.
Due to its slow growth the cost of the pure gel is high for western cultures as it grows best in the (sub) tropics.
We collect our Aloe Vera gel by hand, we believe that to be the reason for the specifically high effectiveness of our Aloe Vera gel. Our Aloe is harvested in the morning and processed within hours to honest products.

Our target (2009) : to develop products for commercial and charitable use, locally and overseas, has been achieved. We have developed an Aloe Vera Skin Repair and Cooling Gel, which is much appreciated for its effectiveness. It appears to help people with eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues. According to the users, it helps them better than other similar  products they have tried.
We believe this is due to the fact that Aloe Veras medicinal properties are found mostly in the mucilage layer found right under the skin and between the skin and the gel layer. We process the gel by hand.
This gives us the opportunity to scoop the mucilage layer ( only 1.5mm thick)  carefully without scraping the irritants found in the skin itself ( the plants protection against animals)
We produce a beautiful cream, Aloe Vera and Sheabutter Face & Body Cream which is a combination of pure Aloe Vera Gel and high quality Shea-butter. It is our own unique recipe and  product of which we have discovered no equal on  the cosmetic market. Aloe Vera facial tonic, is another simple, pure and wonderful product, to refresh the skin after a dusty day or cleanse the skin before or after make-up application. It’s the best partner against acne-vulgaris among other skin problems.

Aloe Vera can treat multiple illnesses, the synergy of this unique plant is till date researched for its complexity and stunning results. The positive results are well documented and researched by hundreds of universities and researchers.

Read below a few of the major characteristics, tailor made for our continent and to relieve our people’s problems, in particular those stricken by low income levels who can‚Äôt afford to seek help in up-class Medicare centres:

  • It aids in a better absorption of protein.
  • It contains all essential amino acids our bodies need but can‚Äôt make
  • It aids in retaining Vitamin C up to 329% making it a valuable boost to the immune system.
  • It treats diarrhea mildly and fast, without side effects.
  • The same treatment is effective against constipation.
  • Aloe Vera is a wound healer unlike any other and helps to regenerate skin tissue up to 8 times faster.
  • It gently disinfects without causing pain unlike many other disinfectants
  • Aloe Vera Fights inflammation which makes antibiotics less often necessary
  • In contains salicyl acid which cleans a wound of dead skin tissue leaving bacteria disabled
  • Relieves pain in even severe burn-cases
  • Is effective against arthritis and numerous other illnesses and ailments.
  • Aloe Vera fresh gel eye-drops are an immediate relieve and cure to many eye troubling issues

We are gratefully able to help children and babies with burn wounds of first , second and third ! degree to heal relatively fast, without surgery and without pain..On first and second degree usually without scars, second degree deep and third degree without contractions. (based on the actual  treatment of some 250 cases of which minimum of 50 documented with photos of every treatment)

Since 2000 we treat people on a small scale..The effectiveness and success-rate are beyond expectation. We are doing this as traditional healers documenting our treatments through photos of every treatment. A burn treatment centre where mainly children under six years are treated for free, was build in Mariamakunda, The Gambia.

The Aloe Vera Fresh Leaf Burn Treatment (AVFLT) method we developed, is so simple that we believe parents can aid in helping to treat their own babies and children in many cases of burn accidents.
This would prevent a lot.

The benefits of Aloe Vera are never ending. The benefits create relieve and support to conquer the problems our local people are troubled by in their daily lives.

Aloe Vera originates in Africa! It suits the African way of life and healing. It soothes Africa.

With help of other sponsoring organisations and individuals, a day treatment and research centre The Aloe Vera Burn-wound Treatment Centre for Children ( ABCC).
in Mariamakunda has been able to further develop the method and research.

This centre is benefiting¬†the surrounding local communities, during the course of ¬†two year¬†( Nov 2017 ‚Äď Nov 2019)¬† of the research ¬†project into the effectiveness of this new treatment, are treated free of charge provided that their burns fit our criteria of research. Our local staff treat the children from our Alo√ę ‚Äės which¬† must have a minimum age of ¬†5 years old. The leaves are cut ¬†fresh for every treatment. The freshly cut leaves, applied on the burn wound, immediately taking all the pain away. The pain stays away so long as the leaf is on the wound. This can last up to three days.

We are delighted to teach any serious person who is willing to help us spread this information around the world. Spread this method that makes it easy for people to help themselves in particular in places where there is no access to affordable medical help. Everyone deserves to benefit from this God-send medicinal plant.

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