Our methods

The Care for Natural Foundation supports the company & training center of the same name,in Kololi , The Gambia to develop ideas, create work and initiate activities. We do this in the following ways:


  • We increase the awareness of the existence of the company & training center Care for Natural.
  • We seek to find the right knowledge and expertise.
  • We support initiatives leading to more employment through making our network know
  • We help to start up and realize useful initiatives, such as the introduction of Aloe Vera Fresh Leaf Treatment, which cures many burn patients. A special clean treatment room has been created for this


  • We are working daily to give women insight into potential opportunities for income.
  • We address underlying problems and lay taboos on the table of discussion
  • We clarify the importance of maintenance and help with repairs.
  • We support initiatives from others, such as the deaf school for girls. For example by giving them work in the Care for Natural team. We work with animal welfare organisations and beekeepers, with government bodies and international organisations.


  • We raise the awareness of the local population about the importance of protecting their natural environment and the consequences of careless behavior towards nature.
  • We stimulate planting of trees and support healthy crops to be planted.
  • We are concerned with preventing deforestation, for example by introducing bamboo. We show how people can work, live and produce products without causing nature to pay the price. Healthy people come from a healthy habitat which must be maintained and protected.
  • We actively engage in the re- use of glass and plastic bottles. We have created the first bottle drop off point recently ( 2019) and it works !!

Are you interested in what we do and would you like to see our foundation up close? Then a visit to the training center is possible. Please make an appointment beforehand, this ensures that we will make one of our team members available to welcome and give you a small tour. Please contact us via our contact page

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