The Treatment Method

The founder of our Foundation, Claudette Sarr-Krook, developed a burn
treatment method which is easy to perform and has proven very
successful. For this treatment we make use of our own organically grown, Aloe Vera plants. The treatment uses the leaves directly and is particularly aimed at babies and toddlers, who are most vulnerable to burns.The positive impact of our treatments are empirically proven. The result on meanwhile hundreds of burn victims is impressive and significant.

These burns on a child burnt on a total body surface of 48%, healed entirely.The skin is souple and her pigment has been completely restored. Her scar tissue is minimal and limited to certain areas only, most burns were 2nd degree, partly 3rd degree.

The treatment is relatively easy and is performed by our Gambian staff members. Local communities can be trained so as to help themselves effectively. Generations could benefit from this Aloe Vera Fresh Leaf treatment. It is our wish to take this project to a higher level. We are presently in the process with the largest national hospitals to integrate this treatment via the official procedures as described by the law. It is reasonable to expect this treatment to find its way to be performed on regional and international level, where ever Aloe Vera can grow.

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