Completed projects

The following projects have already been completed:
┬╗20150225 Work wear Kololi
┬╗20130516 Laptop
┬╗20130515 Laser printer
┬╗20121122 Come over the bridge
┬╗20121109 Inside gate women’s gardens
┬╗20120726 logistics renovation
┬╗20120103 Fence women’s gardens
┬╗20111208 Cycling
┬╗20110115 Work clothing
┬╗20110113 Elastic bandage
┬╗20110112 Keep beehives and workshop bees
┬╗20110111 Sugar meter
┬╗20110110 2 Solar ovens
┬╗20110107 House Amidoe (greengrocer)
┬╗20110105 Prohibition signs & partial fence forest
┬╗20110104 Forest management and fence
┬╗20110101 Remodelling training center
┬╗Bachelor assignment final report Care for Natural
┬╗20130517 Coconut cutting machine
┬╗Student accommodation
┬╗Malnutrition / vitamin
┬╗Pump installation
┬╗Soap dispensers
┬╗Tork rolls
┬╗Workshop growing vegetables
┬╗ Administrative support
┬╗Umbrella Hut (women Bantaba)
┬╗Moringa Oleifera Project
┬╗Solar ovens

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